15 April 2013


                               Photo by Rikkard Häggbom

Swedish pop siren Vanbot has become an established name within Scandinavia over the years. Many native writers consider her to be the natural predecessor to Robyn. Big boots to fill indeed. We first mentioned about this Stockholm beauty in the latter part of 2011 after the release of "Lost Without You". Vanbot, whose real name is Ester Ideskog detailed her love of night time bike rides around the capital and determined "DIY Spirit" as influences upon her unique sound. Thankfully none of that has been lost as we re-establish our love for the yet-to-be signed singer and her sparkling new track, "When My Heart Breaks". The creative partnership between Ideskog and producer Sebastian Forslund has once again bore a truly mesmerising globule of synth-pop wonderment that carefully attaches itself to the current niche for scuzzy-bass whomps and segmented noise explorations that artists like Ellie Goulding perfect so diligently. "When My Heart Breaks" is a song immediately dissected by frantic synth glitches and clicking soundboard manoeuvres that convey the emotive catalysts for penning something steeped in such lyrical fragility. The negativity surrounding the breaking of Ideskog's heart is channelled into a pumping assault of crushed up bass splurges and garotted synth bodies that surprisingly pounds through your heart if the volume is high enough adding further dimensional facets to the mix. Between such a voluminous affair of music, Ideskog allows succinct and blunt lyrics to filter through, "It's always one step forward, two steps backwards". Such words chisel away at the pop frivolities and make this a raw, fractured song guided along by thunderous choral explosions where sound and emotions meet. Swedish synth-pop at its best.

Check out the music video below of "When My Heart Breaks" below and show Vanbot some love by following her on Facebook.

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