10 April 2013


Once again Sweden serves up another eclectic brash-pop duo in the form of Stockolm-based sisters Jenny and Cecilia. They join the vast list of talent that Sweden has already provided; think of Icona Pop, Frida Sundemo and Vanbot and you begin to realise that Sweden really is at the forefront of producing ingenious pop worlds. With roots stemming from Cape Verde and a flavoursome influence of Creole mantras and frenetic tribal beats Vaz bring a new slant on traditional pop blueprints. Having released debut slice "Miss Frost" last year the formidable pop queens have since embarked on performing at a variety of Swedish festivals. Now the pair have an infectious new single pumped full of boisterous drums and indoctrinating distortions; "Let It Rest" is full of maniacal changes in tempo and mood, frantically dashing between collective Nordic harmonies and eager percussion swirls as soon as the introduction begins all the way through to the final echo of bass. Vaz themselves quote their sound as "A dirty love affair between the urban and the electronic". They absolutely hit the nail on the musical head; fusing the techno musings of contemporary Svenska-tronics with a colourful array of primitive and pagan noises creates something very unique and exciting. The repetitive lyrics of "bones and flesh" provide a vivid atmosphere where vocals dance wildly in front of a plethora of background noise. Vaz manage to ensnare contradictory sounds and shove them along to produce a razorsharp take on pop. Once again Sweden show the UK how pop should sound.

Watch the music video for "Let It Rest" below. Leave a comment on whether this track gets your thumbs up or not. We'd love to hear from you.




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