15 April 2013


                                Photo by Ævar Páll Sigurðsson

Stockholm, that quietly cosmopolitan hub of artistic sophistication, experimentalism and clean living, has produced another brilliant duo. Just days after we blog about fellow city dwellers Vaz (click here) we then see a courteous little message in our inbox from W&I; a brand new, exceptionally gifted Stockholm pair who share a sound similar to San Cisco or DWNTWN. Ola Wilhelm Tappert and Sandra Windahl forge a beautiful relationship through sound; they each know the tiniest most intricate musical detailing of one another and gently wrap those individual skills into a humble little package for ears to nibble on. Their eponymous debut EP includes the first official release from the Swedes, "Dreamy Creature". The introduction instantaneously hits you with lofty swoons of synthesised adoration and sultry key circles making you think that it has been uplifted from some Australian eighties soap opera and tweaked with modernised inputs. The day-glow hues of synth and cloudy whimsicality of non-committal keys make this a visionary track from the start. The whole composition saunters along with a hint of joviality; here there is a happiness squeezed between instruments that bubbles through and smothers this track in positivity. There is nothing shocking about W&I's latest track; no exorbitant beats, no vagabond lyrics, just blissful music. Windahl's smoky chords drape themselves tentatively over the soundboard and paint a delicate coat of ushered gasps and sighs of retrospection whilst the chorus is an expansive arena where astral compositions of music majestically entwine. Sweden can add yet another talent to their list of music geniuses.

Check out the music video for "Dreamy Creatures" and pick up the song when it is released on April 17th or follow the guys on Facebook.




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