06 May 2013


Since starting almost five years ago Hey Champ have amassed a huge following in America courtesy of their vibrant genre mixes and salubrious grooves. It hasn't been long since the Chicago based act released their funk-bass pop smash "Cliché" earlier in the year and already Saam Hagshenas and Jonathan Marks have produced another hit. "Comet" instantly feels darker and tinged with a morose, imposing atmosphere transporting you far away from the high-octane disco thoroughfares they normally replicate. Hey Champ have used the title of their latest single to conjure up a variety of connotations surrounding the word and infused their music with such associations: spatial, expansive, cosmic; this is a production with thoughtful application and a variety of seamless musical shifts. After a brief intro of simmering synth ticks and otherworldly noise echoes Hey Champ underpin the track with a solid zorb-bass and progressive house beats to provide stability. The lyrics to "Comet" possess a mystical, romanticised thread of intrigue where the gently ushered vocal harmonies between Hey Champ and Beukes purr seductively, "If you see it you want it, don't put your fingers on it, if you need we got it, we're riding on a comet". Celestial and hazy, these vocals don't just feel dreamy, they are dreamy. Intangible even. By filling each chorus with reverberated tech-glitches and satin vocals Hey Champ have made "Comet" a very grandiose electro-pop number with blackened sounds and hybrid genre fusions that flows steadily from start to finish. 

Check out their latest single "Comet" below and tell us what you think.

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