01 May 2013


This blog has an affiliation with Swedish music. Regular readers will be aware that we have blogged about Vanbot, Vaz, Say Lou Lou over the past several months. It is never intentional but coincidentally songs we happen to love mainly originate from Sweden. With all that said, brand new Stockholm three-piece NONONO have captured our attention thanks to their fantastical indie-pop jaunts and breezy rhythms. The trio consists of production team Astma and Rocwell and the matriarchal figurehead of Stina W├Ąppling who were introduced to one another through a mutual friend; with collaborations and studio work involving Beatrice Eli and Icona Pop it is clear that NONONO have a slick application and dedicated music ethos. Brand new track "Pumpin' Blood" has a very brief opening moment of plucky guitar twangs not too dissimilar to that of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" that is quickly superseded by jovial whistles and enthusiastic drum beats, adding some typical Scandinavian vibrancy to the mix. Amidst a wealth of puncturing synth keys NONONO provocatively nudge drum beats into a far more imposing chain of sounds to generate a sense of upbeat regalia and effervescent indie thuds. W├Ąppling's smoldering vocals gently brush against Astma and Rocwell's musical verse interplay to bring a warming human essence to "Pumpin' Blood". Her ushered Nordic tones and rustled lyrics turn this contemporary pop number into something thoughtful and laced with meaning; especially when the chorus thumps you hard in the chest and injects a fuzzy splash of electro pop that is both sleek and invigorating, deep into your veins.

Check out that awesome music video for "Pumpin' Blood" below and then tell us your thoughts. Leave a comment below whether you like this single or not.

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