08 May 2013


Think of Clare Maguire, Jessie Ware, Grimes, Bat For Lashes and you begin to realise how many gifted women there are in UK music. Now you can add Phildel to that list; the Londoner is already signed to Decca Records, has performed over a variety of media and won plaudits from critics to boot. Her music is an external outpouring chiselled and intricately worked upon through utilising her inner thoughts, upbringing and personal emotions, showcasing a style of alternative pop that feels fresh and bristling with exploratory visions into new musical worlds. Her phenomenal debut album "The Disappearance Of The Girlis brimming with deftly worked songs and raw craftsmanship throughout, however one song in particular stands out, "The Wolf". Have a little patience with this song as it takes a good minute for the instrumental elements to get going allowing Phildel to coax you into "The Wolf" with her Gothic whispers and gnarled behaviourisms. The Londoner paints a minimalist landscape of aggressive lyrical swipes and severed feelings. Lines such as "And you once said I wish you dead" stand tall amidst a sea of gentile coos and frosty vocal wonderment resonating a distinctly Natasha Khan production style that drips through the siren's artistic and edgy framework. The track eventually takes a dramatic sidestep and pulsates along with a thrifty tempo and corrosive back beat; synthesised musical splinters pierce through astral chords to give the chorus a decent burst of energy, enveloping the singer's vocal outcrops. This is intelligent, sincere and remarkably pure music that reveals how talented Phildel is and what we can expect from her in the near future.

Check out the music video for "The Wolf" below and tell us what you think. Leave us a comment whether you like this song or not.

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