04 May 2013


Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen are an entrepreneurial Danish duo who formed back in 2010 after moving to the cultural mecca that is Berlin. Their impeccable strides into the realms of electronica showcase a diverse style where multiple sounds can be channelled into something scarily futuristic and borderline genius. Citing influences from David Bowie and The Doors highlights the diverse manner in which these Danes construct their music and the pair possess an intelligent and highly dynamic male-female format that puts the much praised The XX to shame. Such fascinating qualities have gained the pair a wholesome fan base; with a string of festival slots this year and an increasingly diverse online presence, Rangleklods are about to hit it big. "Young And Dumb" follows the pair's love of analogue, pre-recordings and minimalist digitalism by starting off with a steadfast electro thwack-beat and well executed tempo; seemingly barren at first, the key to Rangleklod's sound is the minuscule introductory streams of noise that filter in with progressive dexterity and typical Scandinavian precision to keep you enthused. Excitable bubble loops and blackened synth whirs over-spill into the musical foreground, muddling the harsher beats that slither underneath all whilst Esben's chanting vocal interactions remind us that humans are indeed behind the workings of this track. Nudging together brief pop-induced harmonies, a psychedelic squabbling of techno whoops and Deutsche-flavoured trance layouts makes "Young And Dumb" a phantasmagorical showdown of sound that perfectly encapsulates the Rangleklod way of making music.

Check out the music video below then tell us your thoughts on this latest track from the Danish pair.

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