15 May 2013


Experimental pop darlings The XX have had so much success that many of their peers probably seethe with envy at the accolades and plaudits the group have collected in such a relatively brief history. The formidable trio of Oliver, Romy and Jamie have learnt to produce music in absolute unison; their individual styles foster a sound that is healthy and auspicious. Each musician has a symbiotic working relationship with the other allowing creativity to thrive; Romy and Oliver purr gently between themselves whilst Jamie lays a foundation of entrancing groove beats and slow-pop musings that works to brilliant effect. With two fantastic albums under their belts ("XX" and "Coexist") the London based Mercury music prize winners now dabble with an established house classic, Sandy Rivera's hit "Finally". This time around the three Londoners strip back the penchant for slick house vibrations and tranquillise the original format with a meandering synth layout, choppy intermittent beat and phantom keyboard wails. The haunting mixture leaks saturated emotions and wrought nerve, pooling around at your feet, blackened and moody. The neon tinged guitar pangs that become a significant underpinning to the song's entirety graze across the dual harmonies of Romy and Oliver to give the choral build-ups a sense of euphoria and relief; this song feels audibly exposed and open to interpretation. Many will revel in it's neutered house rhythms and melodic vocals whilst others will simply crave the original. In any case The XX once again demonstrate how to reinvent music and package it for current times.

Check out "Finally" below and tell us what you think of this cover. Do you like it?

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