27 March 2014


It has been some time now since we blogged about Breton; London's intrepid five piece whose fractious genre bending and experimentalist guile has earned them a reputation as musicians who continually reinvent and explore. Indeed their latest album, "War Room Stories" showcases the band's pliable nature, atmospheric orientation and rudimentary logic. That is the BretonLABS way. After a brief recording spell in Berlin, the band have already churned out another exquisite track in the form of "Treadmill" which sees the band go decidedly left-field from their previous alt-indie blueprints. 

The introduction is a distorted expanse of intermittent Dolphin clicks and cascading pagan twinkles that quickly merge against a swathe of Deutsche-tech electronica. The combined elements within "Treadmill" work with surprising cohesion as punctured beats stagger forward with weighted precision and a sense of dictated rhythm. Breton know what to include and where to include it in everything they release. Digital forces eventually build into a crescendo of minimalist techno that fuses tropical soundboards with fervent dance beats and that, in turn, offers a tantalising glimpse at what these five lads can go on to create again and again.

Check out the Soundcloud below for "Treadmill" then go and buy the album "War Room Stories" via iTunes. Like what you hear? Share, re-post and re-tweet this review.

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