05 March 2014


Dutch powerhouse Caro Emerald is a star. Fact. She is already a multi-platinum selling, chart-topping phenomenon across much of mainland Europe having her songs featured on countless TV commercials, winning notable international awards and creating her own label centred around a core team of individuals. A team with whom she extracts her best, most musically astounding talents from. Emerald's recent hit "I Belong To You" immediately stands out from the pop orientated crowd thanks to her penchant for retro jazz landscapes, vigorous samba and rugged ballroom vinyl movements. Couple all those exciting traits to a vocal performance that meanders between sounding serene and haunting in places to tenacious and imposing in others and you have a very formidable artist. "I Belong To You" screams Adele meets Duffy; a bronzed collection of smoking vocals, tempered angst met with lyrical fragility, sincerity and gusto underlined by enigmatic jazz flavours and brass musings. Emerald's crisp enunciation and tonal behaviours mirror inner thoughts and feelings in perfect unison. This is stylish pop music laced with integrity that draws upon past musical and social eras: mamba, horns, Paris, continental travel, fashion, ambience. Add a powerfully constructed chorus that could be mistaken for a James Bond anthem and it is quite safe to say that "I Belong To You" has it all.

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