04 March 2014


London five piece Ecstasy first grabbed our attention over a year ago when their debut release "Frnds 4 Lyf" filtered onto the internet and set tongues wagging. Since then the band have recently produced the uplifting "Exhale" EP under National Anthem (CHVRCHES, Haim). They are a band with an innate ability to craft music that is cohesive; each member uses instrumental prowess to ensure that their input is complimentary to the other four. That belief is integral to Ecstasy and explains how they manage to compose such beautiful songs. "White Limos" typifies that aforementioned sentiment; an expansive introductory sequence of looped synthesisers and soaring reverb progressively builds into something that feels very dominant, encompassing and most importantly, tangible. Tropical echoes, dual male female harmonies and cascading digitalised sounds pore over your ear canals with soft whimsicality and gentile movements. Each fluid chorus is fuelled by cosmic electro undercurrents and a cavernous notion of space that continually progresses and towers ever higher. Ecstasy bathe you in an shoegaze veneer. A track such as "White Limos" allows us to vaguely imagine and comprehend what a musical Elysium may be like. To allow us to even remotely be able to do that, we can't thank Ecstasy enough.

Check out "White Limos" via the Soundcloud below, download "Exhale" on iTunes and follow the links underneath to show your support. Did you like what you heard and read? Be sure to share, post and tweet this review.

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