03 March 2014


Mano's Daughter are Sarah Carter, Matthias Garrick and Dan See; three superb London residents whose ability to collide cathartic electro impulses with golden pop snippets is mesmerising. If you like Vanbot, Moloko or Niki And The Dove, artists who perfectly entwine genres together into one unified sound then you will enjoy Mano's Daughter. The band have remained particularly mysterious over the last year as their stupendous electronic compilations seep onto the web almost unannounced. Their newest release, "The Machine", is taken from the group's EP "Smart" and perfectly encapsulates the nature of their musical direction; eclectic blends of pop choruses, velvet harmonies and burgeoning electro judders that compete for recognition. This track feels almost compartmentalised and progressive in places. It seems to evolve as you listen and that is the interesting element that draws you in. Carter's neon vocals transcend Garrick's spatially computerised world to fill any silent void with ethereal warmth. This is anthemic pop intelligently built to surprise and intrigue as decadent choruses bloom, cosmic showers of electro rain down and sturdy drums invigorate. Mano's Daughter ensure every member's musical specialism is heard and the end result is always a fantastic pop track that is diverse and excellently constructed.

Listen to "The Machine" below and download it for free via Soundcloud then show the guys some support via the links underneath. Share, post and retweet this review as you so desire.

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