27 March 2014


Since his volcanic collaboration with our very own A*M*E last September, charismatic Frenchman Monsieur Adi has been a very busy producer indeed having already stitched together new EP "After Hours" in such a small time frame. Leading on from that, the Paris based musician has drafted in the sublime electronic duo of Bronwyn Griffith and Austin Garrack, better known to most as Canada's Electric Youth. They've created a track that is a divergent shift from the usual effervescent comfort zone of Franco-centric dance beats that Monsieur Adi usually resides within. First and foremost "Some Kind Of Love" epitomises the dexterity and malleable palette of Adi, for his latest jaunt begins as an undulating soiree that pulsates and lumbers against gradual synth battalions. Its very fragility, perfectly mirrors the thematics of the song's title and indeed its purpose, to detail love in a pure yet vulnerable state. The ingenious vocal purrs and haunting imposition of Griffith act irrepressibly by floating up through Adi's picturesque digital soundscapes to give a gentile rush of feminised emotion. A balance between what is computerised and what is naturally prevalent. Music in equilibrium that echoes Keep Shelley In Athens and Purity Ring. Watery electro that hypnotically squanders fluffy pop and brings it down to reality with a slither of bass and neon verve. 

Check out the superb "Some Kind Of Love" by Monsieur Adi ft Electric Youth below via the Soundcloud link then be sure to show some love and support by following the links underneath. Share, re-post and re-tweet if you like what you hear.

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