07 March 2014


Macabre soundscapes fuelled by imposing resonance and, to quote from the artist directly, powerful majestic beats. Those are the descriptive terms that best describe the work of Owl Vision, the moniker used by Gothenburg based Swede Johannes Arnesson; a man who has a passion for electronic noises and sound manipulation. A creator of what he himself terms, "Death Electro." Having had public backing from Kissy Sell Out and sharing stages with the likes Style Of Eye and Toxic Avenger, Owl Vision is in good company. "Holy Shit" is a fantastic piece of electronic music. Simple as that. What strikes you first about this single is the sheer reverberating menace and insidious fluxes of digitalised noise that commences straight away; dark moody techno fuses with European beats into a perfect soundscape onslaught that ravages your ears. Despite the vicious accosting of your senses the whole package feels decidedly progressive as cantankerous bass lines tortuously build and grind against each other. Owl Vision manages to bludgeon, impale, garotte and crush his work with conflictive musical inputs. Everything in some guise or another represents a deathly connotation, such is the appropriateness of his self labelled "Death Electro". This track is bold and domineering, laced with irreverent anti-religious notions and provocative compositions it perfectly showcases a producer who has a unique, personalised style of digital musicianship.

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