11 March 2014


American producer Perseus is a mysterious chap. Little is known about the solo artist other than the label that he founded, French Express Records, has been making waves across the Atlantic for all the right reasons. His individual work ethic and ingeniously smooth productions however, are nothing short of astounding. In tandem with the fellow artists on his label's roster, they are all finally starting to appear on the billings for top festivals and garner interest on social media platforms. Despite being several months old, Perseus' most recent offering, "Shadow Of The Beast" is a silken wander into the deeper realms of euphoric house and mellow R'n'B vibes which lull gently at your aural senses. Have a little patience with this Perseus masterpiece for the introductory sequence is a watery thoroughfare of bluesy keys and docile arrangements that shows no obvious sign of unnecessarily hurrying along; the odd feminine hush is staggered between increasing tremors of bass and gradual sound layering. It is a cyclical affair, oscillating along before the bass line drops and injects a dash of energy into the single. The inclusion of Ashanti and Cassie vocals is a wise decision as each artist's soulful purrs compliment the nature of "Shadow Of The Beast" perfectly to a backdrop of cushioned beats and honeyed urban enchantment.

Check out the Soundcloud for "Shadow Of The Beast" where you can also grab a FREE copy of the single below then follow the links underneath to show Perseus some love. Share and re-tweet if you like what you hear and read too.

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