28 March 2014


Finally Phildel is back having successfully released her album "The Disappearance Of The Girl" to much positive acclaim. The Decca Records signing is one of the most formidable female artists in the UK at present with a work ethic that is second to none. Intimate thoughts, poignant lyrical honesty and a fundamental comprehension of music and its basic formation is what underpins her music. Latest album, "The Glass Ghost", is another tentative expedition into the London starlet's psyche and her fantastical pop realms. 

Lead track "Celestial" is a prime example of pop music that is devoid of frivolities and needless sound clutter by remaining a wholly subtle construction. Emphasis is placed on the three inputs of lyrics, vocals and perfectly orchestrated music to form the basis of a brilliant ensemble. "Celestial" seismically bubbles along with reverberated bass as Phildel's glacial vocals glide upwards throughout the song's entirety; working in tandem with such opulent lyrical poetry there is a sense that the spoken words agitate emotive strains within the vocal body of Phildel herself. This proverbial continuum is what keeps this song nicely ticking over. This is music when it is most appreciated, in a raw format that is easy to understand and relate to.

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