27 March 2014


Brighton's very own Royal Blood have had a stellar year so far. After the frenzy surrounding previous releases "Come On Over" and "Out Of The Black" the Sussex pairing of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher have bulldozed their way onto the new music scene with bravado and tenacity, allowing their music to do the proverbial talking whilst the duo sit back reserved and calm. No fuss. The band are professionals unto their own where nothing is ostentatious or unnecessary. Having a place on this year's NME Awards Tour alongside Temples reinforces such belief in the two. 

Latest single, "Little Monster" is a ballsy slab of state rock and guitar laden insouciance. From the offset cantankerous metal riffs grind against thumping drums with staccato fashion: music, vocals, music. The Royal Blood foundations are simple but robust. Kerr's bluesy vocals evoke similar workings by The White Stripes meets Queens Of The Stone Age to leave a sapid residual that throttles your ear canal over and over. "Little Monster" is festooned with greasy rock tendencies and stabbing bass lines; a metallic chunk of noise that showcases the energetic brilliance of Royal Blood. To think that these two may not have yet reached their pinnacle is extremely exciting.

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