03 March 2014


Veiga Sanchez is better known as Salt Ashes. We first reviewed the sensational pop matriarch from Brighton in February last year after an incredible Depeche Mode cover. Twelve months on and Sanchez has spent her time wisely forging a sound that straddles both shimmering discotheque and rippling urban rhythms. Her music is seductive and fluid, managing to venture the perfect distance away from mainstream commerciality into a world of atmospheric mystery and moods. Nothing too surprising when you learn that Sanchez is a big fan of Giorgio Moroder then. Her official debut cut is "Somebody", a swirling myriad of falsetto coos and sultry lyrical tones supported by glittering synthesisers and luxuriant bass wobbles. The song in its entirety never feels cluttered or overburdened. Instead, everything sinuously threads together and undulates with dynamism and poise. Something we have already come to expect from Salt Ashes. During each chorus you could be mistaken for thinking that this was Kylie Minogue or Queen Of Hearts due to the sheer feminisation of such musical compositions. These are women who charm. Women who know their sound from the offset and control their own expressionisms. "Somebody" is an elegant synth-pop excursion that takes you on a journey into the enriched disco psyche of Sanchez and leaves you wanting more.

Listen to "Somebody" in the Soundcloud link below then follow the links underneath and support this fantastic Brighton artist. Download her music via iTunes then post and share if you like what you hear.

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