03 March 2014


Charming and quintessential, New York pop vixen Annie Clark has been making music for a number of years yet still manages to ride a wave of forward thinking range and experimentalist nous. Working under her moniker of St. Vincent, the starlet already has her eponymously titled fourth album out and "Digital Witness" is one such single from it that nicely aligns itself to Clark's established breed of alt-pop. Squawking horns intermittently twitter amidst melancholic lyrical humour and stabbing beats. This latest track scuffles along at a delightfully unhurried pace so as to give each musical element a chance to bubble up through and deliver a brazen dash of musical differentiation; with a dry wit, Clark addresses the issues of monotony and the vapid existence of life, as the title of the song similarly reinforces to full effect and encourages the listener to engage both with words and sounds. Something many artists can fail to achieve altogether. It is camp and audacious, quirky even. Despite the blackened humour there is a sense of fun that emanates from "Digital Witness" as brassy undertones and jovial honks paint a very Man Like Me meets Goldfrapp portrait where pop is twisted and manipulated into a brilliant alternative sound mix.

Check out St. Vincent's lastest single "Digital Witness" and the accompanying music video below then show the girl some love via the links underneath. Share and retweet this post if you like what you hear.

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