27 March 2014


Thumpers are the vibrant London based duo of Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson, Jr. The pair have managed to carve out a beautifully personalised sound built upon a solid friendship and involvement in other music projects ranging from the now defunct Pull Tiger Tail to the reputable Friendly Fires. The duo's first single, "Dancing's Done" instantly achieved B-list status on BBC 6 music along with tour support for CHVRCHES shortly after. Their latest LP, "Galore" has already continued this trend with many championing the record for its delicate arrangements and wafty alt-pop blends. 

Fellow single "Galore" imbues all the cherished nuances and customary scope that we have come to expect from Thumpers: melodic retrospection, alleviated tropical soundboards, fizzling guitars and wistful percussion interplay. The song in its entirety is a homage to shoegaze fantasy and indulgent Americana beach-pop. Woozy, inebriated and comforting all at once, the essence of Animal Collective, DIANA and Summer Camp is clearly evident but remains individual enough as a Thumpers masterpiece. A vocal plateau flooded with sparkly keys and warm synths, "Galore" effectively bathes in its own climatic finesse as fluid instrumental motions radiate and rise skyward as the song trickles forth with each passing minute and dreamy chorus. 

Check out the Soundcloud link below for "Galore" then be sure to pick up the similarly named album over on iTunes and follow the links underneath too. If you like what you hear then share / re-tweet. 

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