21 May 2014


We first mentioned Ask Embla around three years ago after the release of the beautifully captivating power-pop anthem "Northern Lights" amid shrouded secrecy and confusion surrounding the male-female pairing of Ina Wroldsen and Arnthor Birgisson. Following the apparent removal of the song and a lull in activity it is now evident that the pair are back. Hopping between London, Stockholm and Oslo the Scandinavians finally have a new song up their creative sleeve.

"Legion" is a surprisingly plucky side-step from the pair's previous guise that was characterised by sombre undertones and icy emotion. Though their artistic direction worked incredibly well, this unexpected injection of energy and slick electro-pop mannerisms is very much welcomed. Straight away, Wroldsen cements "Legion" with invigorating vocals that demonstrate a glassy pitch and perfected intonation; the mantra of "I am a..." expertly highlights an intelligent choice of lyrics to ensure you are hooked throughout. Such frenetic pop undertones typify the pair's new sound; a synthesised eighties veneer which maintains momentum and keeps "Legion" storming forth in the right direction. This is Scandi-pop at its best. Simple as that.

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