21 May 2014


There is always something that fosters intrigue when we are not provided with enough information. Curiosity does always prevail (or kill) us cats. So when a new music artist bubbles up without a profile description or ounce of information, it harvests our interest, a powerful media tool indeed. With that in mind, let us introduce to Autowrong from the Midlands. That is all we know about the mysterious outfit. They are essentially brand new. Still in the box. Not a scratch to be found. 

Autowrong's debut cut however, is a masterful cacophony of tropical house beats and warbling African horns that immediately dictates the nature of the song. Everything is committed and indulgent with "We Are Decay" as hollowed percussion and fluid synthesising dance and jostle with fervour to capture your attention. The whole composition works exceptionally well for a first stab at the music industry and Autowrong's obvious love for genre blending and sound eclecticism gives us a Man Like Me meets Clean Bandit strand of quasi-tribal pop. Add on some punchy vocals atop a mire of sweltering beats and jungle bass lines and this Midlands act are poised for great things.

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