21 May 2014


Swedish pop songstress Frida Sundemo has always been a favourite of ours at Owl By Night since discovering her soulful arrangements and unwavering work ethic. More recently Sundemo has been knuckled down in the studio producing her next collection, "Lit Up By Neon", a beautiful mix of soaring digitalism coupled with simplistic layers and crystalline vocals.

"Neon" is the Stockholm matriarch's next release and underpins the very aforementioned qualities and whimsical pop essence that imbues the entirety of the EP; starting off at a gentile pace, this single is a hazy meander into the senses as heavenly synths lap smoothly and minimalist beats resonate behind in the same vein as fellow countrymen Max Elto. Each chorus diligently rises skyward fusing together soundboard elements into minuscule crescendos of electro-pop nudging "Neon" into the ethereal yonder. Maintaining concord, Sundemo's glacially poised vocals and swooning harmonies keep the package contained and emphasise the Swede's ability at making stellar pop tracks.

Check out "Neon" below then download the new EP "Lit By The Neon" via iTunes. Like what you hear? Share, re-tweet, re-post as you so desire.

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