14 May 2014


Swedish-Australian sisters, Miranda and Elektra Kilbey, have had a schedule inundated with performances and gigs over the past six months as their polished brand of sequinned Scandi-pop and quietly poised elegance takes over Europe. The pair have had enviable successes with previous glacial pop stormers "Maybe You", "Julian" and "Better In The Dark" and now the beautiful twosome offer us "Everything We Touch" as the next pristine instalment in the Say Lou Lou collective.

From the offset you notice a recognisable shift in temperament and construction from earlier efforts as the hardened mood-pop lacquer that typified the two sisters' work ethic sidles out the way for a more upbeat and jovial number. "Everything We Touch" is a hypnotic amalgam of soaring synthesised envelopments, rumbling beats and perfectly executed dual harmonies. Such a track epitomises the sheer dexterity and ease of deliverance for Scandinavians when it comes to pop music. They can literally do no wrong: silken, ethereal, polished. Say Lou Lou unleash a fluid streak of creativity that feels like a cross between Abba and The Sound Of Arrows. Perfect pop in every way, shape and form.

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