15 May 2014


Australian solo artist Sia, the media shy extraordinaire, is usually found scribbled on the top of any distinguishable musicians' list as someone to collaborate with, which isn't particularly hard to see why when you have what is essentially, the complete package: vocals, a mysterious character, sharp lyrical drive and excellent compositions. The soft assertion of her understanding of music is what makes every piece of work from the female soloist something exceptionally remarkable.

It has taken four painstakingly long years but finally the jittery pop matriarch has constructed her latest album called "1000 Faces Of Fear". The lead track to be lifted off of the album is "Chandelier" which begins as a wholesome slab of coy urban beats hemmed in by Rihanna-esque vocalisations and staccato beats to snag your interest. From this point onwards the song increasingly builds momentum as Sia's razored chords begin to tenaciously effervesce. The oppression of emotion is tangible and we love it! Right on cue Sia delivers what is possibly one of the strongest and energetically wrought choruses ever exhaled with a vocal set rich in angst and power. This isn't a simple piece of pop, there are morose undertones and fragility seeping through to aesthetically enrich the production. "Chandelier" goes to show that Sia is an astounding musician and master of her craft.

Check out the fantastic music video for "Chandelier" below then be sure to download the new single via iTunes. Like this review? Share, re-tweet, re-post and spread the new music love.

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