22 May 2014


Strangers, the London based noire-electro outfit headed by the distinguishable David Maddox-Jones are a perfect example of a band who know their craft, who are not afraid to experiment with sound and who can maintain longevity in this cut-throat industry. More recently the band have marketed their music via free downloads and festival appearances coupled with the launch of their latest EP, "Close". 

Now, Strangers have a new track that boldly nudges them out of their comfort zone. Does it work? Absolutely. "Wolf At The Door" sees the band become more upbeat. Yes, the brooding melodramatics and smooth layering of the past worked exceptionally well but this waltz into the often stigmatised pop genre sees a welcome splurge of creativity. For this latest single, muffled beats and warbling keys set a nicely generated tempo amidst cosmological synths and Maddox-Jones' vocals. Each chorus interchange is punchy, with instrumental inputs neatly cascading forward, despite the darker nature of the lyrics. This single screams Friendly Fires meets Prides but crucially remains loyal to the Strangers blueprint and demonstrates why they are still in the business.

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