11 June 2014


Cash+David are a mysterious duo from London who own their own record label called +. The pair draw creative influence from their surroundings, "beats that echo the repetition of the sedated suburban terraced houses that surround their solitary shed studio", to quote their Soundcloud blurb. This pair have a harmonious musical duality whereby Cash spatially cleanses the digital soundboards to ensure rhythms undulate whilst David's eclectic enthusiasm brings together gritty instrumentation and spicy genres.

"Pulse" stays true to its very title: shimmering keys, oscillating house grooves, nineties glitch-tronica, stabbing loops, Cash+David know precisely how to fuse juxtaposing sounds into a grinding boulder of noise. Delve deeper and you unlock the auditory potential of "Pulse" as salubrious vocals lap against the more fractious musical elements. The inclusion of ruminative Eastern murmurs and twitchy garage thuds adds an extra angle to what is a well constructed effort from the London duo.

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