22 June 2014


By all accounts things have been ticking over rather nicely for Brighton duo Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová, otherwise known as IYES. The pair have generated a lot of positive attention having established themselves within the Brighton and London circuits. IYES have progressively nurtured their sound of slick digitalism and haunting vocals to another level.

Their latest demo "Toys" is a clear evolution forwards where whirling synths and cathartic beats dominate. Gone are the celestial keys, delicate atmospherics and watery ensembles. But fear not, what IYES have is the ability to know what is current and what works well on a musical level whilst retaining the very essence and mannerisms that stood out originally. The tempo of "Toys" is a lot more invigorating and jostles dark electronic undertones with futuristic bleeps and murky bass whomps. It feels more urban and angular. Almost kinetic. Josh and Melis' haunting vocal harmonies seductively lure all musical inputs together into a durable alt-pop space. Threading together the old and new, ensuring they obediently heel at the pair's productive side.

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