11 June 2014


Basingstoke isn't exactly renowned for twinkling seventies funk and camp house grooves but fortunately they have Meanwhile, the difficult search-engine moniker used by Tom Andrews, an electro-soul maestro who manages to channel Prince, David Bowie and Mausi into one magnificent sound extravaganza whilst still retaining elements that are clearly identifiable as his work.

"Bigger City" is a seismic behemoth of a track that skits between sixties soul filters and boogie dropping seventies funk. The immediacy of this camp onslaught coupled with screeching glam-pop lyricism and carnival percussion exudes positivity as it seeps into your ears and struts confidently forward. The very foundations of "Bigger City" are embossed with sweltering neon beats and fluffy synth overlays. This in turn makes Meanwhile's latest track feel very 'Français Discotheque' with enough energy to befit any Miami beach club. Meanwhile fuses genres together with a zealous enamour, turning discordant sounds into one shimmering ensemble. 

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