11 June 2014


It seems like ages since Brighton's prestigious little scamp of a music festival, The Great Escape popped up across a variety of clubs, bars and secret locations to showcase new music from several hundred artists around the globe. The ominous thuds of drum sets, the warm smell of spilt beer residue, the fluttering of self-important delegate passes in the coastal breeze, we remember it fondly. So, with all that retrospective sop out of the way, we have come up with a list of our top six highlights (two from each respective day of the festival) of who entertained and who left us baying for more after the lights went down and the club doors closed.
I Am A Camera (UK // The Neighbourhood, Friday 9th May).

The slick ensemble of Francesca Ross and Ian Watt performed in a Tokyo-cramped basement at The Neighbourhood with no room to swing a proverbial cat around or enough physical room to fit a crowd reaching into double figures. You either felt awkwardly misplaced or you felt subtly privileged to grab a spot in such a 'charismatic' venue, either way, the aforementioned setting ensured the music was at the forefront. 

Ross' vocal deliverance was empowered and direct, fluxing between closed eyes, self belief and head swinging tenacity whilst her lyrics punctured Watt's digitalised landscapes with accurate effect. Their synth-orientated tracks exploited the dynamics of fanciful pop music and the pulsating soundboards of electro. Disco savvy "Factory Boys" and the delightfully camp eighties glamour-puss "Lost In Love" entertained as well as showcased the darker lyrical nous of I Am A Camera. Watts' ability to blend Stockholm infused beats to twinkling keys and bubbling noise intrusions only demonstrated further the pair's unspoken, mutually understood love of this genre. If it weren't for the inebriated man behind or the coked up randomer to our side, we most definitely would have been sashaying joyously to their electro-pop monsters.

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