11 June 2014


It seems like ages since Brighton's prestigious little scamp of a music festival, The Great Escape popped up across a variety of clubs, bars and secret locations to showcase new music from several hundred artists around the globe. The ominous thuds of drum sets, the warm smell of spilt beer residue, the fluttering of self-important delegate passes in the coastal breeze, we remember it fondly. So, with all that retrospective sop out of the way, we have come up with a list of our top six highlights (two from each respective day of the festival) of who entertained and who left us baying for more after the lights went down and the club doors closed.

Having exhausted ourselves with a militarised schedule we chilled with a couple of beers on Audio's smoking terrace and got tallking to a random gentleman. His enigmatic body language, appreciative lexicon and friendly persona was wholly refreshing and his humbling stories kept us suitably enthralled. It turned out that this man was Irishman Patrick O' Laoghaire, also known as I Have A Tribe. 

During his set O' Laoghaire demonstrated an enviable gift of being able to sew inner emotions and thought processes to overriding vocal prowess; a blend of crisp folk harmonies interspersed with relaxing jazz undertones and crackling Gaelic utterances. Piano keys, percussive musings, the set in itself was a beautiful contradictory melange where the sincerity and wound of O' Laoghaire's soul was laid bare. However, it encouraged the audience 'in'. Into the space that was man and music. It allowed this one Irishman to have a tribe. In a recent interview O' Laoghaire stated "the concept of the tribe offers comfort and support" and having met such a charismatic individual the night before, the nature of his music, his lyrics and even his choice of moniker, such a quote made absolute, unequivocal sense after a humbling performance.

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