11 June 2014


It seems like ages since Brighton's prestigious little scamp of a music festival, The Great Escape popped up across a variety of clubs, bars and secret locations to showcase new music from several hundred artists around the globe. The ominous thuds of drum sets, the warm smell of spilt beer residue, the fluttering of self-important delegate passes in the coastal breeze, we remember it fondly. So, with all that retrospective sop out of the way, we have come up with a list of our top six highlights (two from each respective day of the festival) of who entertained and who left us baying for more after the lights went down and the club doors closed.

TOVE LO (Sweden // Komedia, Thursday 8th May).

Scandinavians are truly the masters of producing credible, thoughtful and well constructed pop music. They do it best, simple as that. This year The Great Escape acknowledged that fact by playing host to a variety of artists from said region. One artist we were desperate to see was Stockholm based Tove Lo who has grabbed a lot of attention lately so it made sense to see what all the fuss was about. We were not disappointed. 

Sounding like a cross between Mø, Salt Ashes and Chloe Howl, Tove Lo started off tentatively, meandering around slow-warp manipulations and brooding melodies, but, as each song ended and the next began the atmosphere and dynamics would suddenly shift. Everything felt like a culmination, a crescendo. Eventually, synth-laden choruses, slick Nordic beats and a brash dose of energy from Lo herself gave the crowd a much needed boost during her set. As a musician, Tove Lo ingeniously fused pop and hollowed electronica with brazen lyrics into a mix that didn't stray too far from the safe bosom of commerciality and this, this, is why the Swedish vixen excels at creating fantastic pop tracks and brilliant stage performances.

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