24 January 2015


Huntar is a South-East Londoner with an exquisite skill at producing sweltering R'n'B retreats filtered with stark electronica and smooth pop ideals. Emulating the likes of FTSE, Raffertie and Alex Clare, the secretive and mysterious Huntar is a proverbial music phantom who lets the music talk on his behalf.

"All That I Want" isn't the soloist's most recent musical affair, but quite frankly we couldn't give a damn; the expansive nature of this record is utterly sublime and woozily gives way to intricate aural intrusions: tentative clicks, rumbling tribal drums and cascading reverb slush. Cosmic in places, blackened in others, not only does Huntar ensure the instrumental background portrays the story of "All That I Want" but so does the vocals and lyrics. Sincere, brooding and soaked in emotive arterial pangs this is cathartic electro-pop smothered in an urbanised resin to the absolute fullest. We have a lot of love for Huntar.

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