27 March 2015


Brighton lovelies Fickle Friends have been contently bubbling along producing whimsical day-glow pop for a short while now and we are revelling in their sincere musical tendencies. Natassja, Sam, Harry, Chris and Jack continue to fill the pop void along with fellow Brighton resident Salt Ashes in a local music scene that is skewed towards rock, psych-grunge and indie.

"Could Be Wrong" follows previous release "For You" in showing the developing nature of Fickle Friends. The band and their characteristics really begin to permeate from the moment the first gentile key and soapy vocal utterance is exhaled. Pugnacity and kinetic energy have taken a compliant sidestep for mellowed delight and the desire to make song production fun once more: bounding percussion, fidgety tempo swings and jovial beats sprawl across the soundboard like a lovable puppy as Natassja's pillowed vocals smother "Could Be Wrong" in a colourful frisson. Vivacious choruses and neatly orchestrated compositions ensure the mood is always light. YES Fickle Friends.

Check out the Soundcloud for "Could Be Wrong" below and be sure to re-tweet, re-post and share and spread the new music love for this amazing Brighton band.

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