27 March 2015


So Powers are something rather special if their short but already prominent career in the music industry is anything to go by. The tantalisingly mysterious male female outfit of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru, who reside between Los Angeles and New York, have already worked with Selena Gomez and Icona Pop. From this point onwards you can already tell they are future masters of pristine electro-pop.

"Money" is a year old but crucially it hasn't aged one bit and that is why we love it. Del Rio and Ru have chiselled out a unique style of electro: intermittent, raucous, surprisingly vivacious in places. Their newest single perfectly demonstrates this auditory application from the offset as frittering bleeps, tempo differentiating clicks and oscillating bass reverb marries together with jagged movement. An audio jigsaw of competing musical notions a la IYES meets Purity Ring. The staccato nature of "Money" entrances ear drums and lures curious minds into the digitalised wonderment that is the world of Powers. We're sold.

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