27 March 2015


Brighton suave-pop matriarch Veiga Sanchez is something of an enigma, why is this girl not more recognised for her exceptional comprehension of music itself? Her innate ability to bleed audio creativity in its most beautiful and raw form is a joy. Either way Salt Ashes appears to be going from strength to strength and with her latest discotheque soaked animal we are very excited indeed.

"Raided" delivers yet another complex facet into the genetic make-up of Salt Ashes as the young songstress doggedly ventures forth into the neon-hue realms of murky electronica and slow-house beats. Citing Giorgio Moroder as an influential figure, it isn't difficult to see where Sanchez's musical inspiration has been extracted from; slick beats, warbling bass throttles, salubrious digital peaks and that voice, that voice! Salt Ashes manages to weave feminine expression with jaunty emotion and satin allure ensuring vocals and digital sounds transcend with seamless effort. Choruses are profound, dance infused energy towers, Sanchez drips seductive noire-disco intelligence like never before.

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