09 May 2016


Within the circles of her domestic market back in Australia, stoic music songstress Amanda Merdzan has a reputation for producing ambient slabs of mood-pop. Therefore the singer songwriter's abilities to produce such noteworthy pieces places her in good stead with new single "Glow" waiting in the sidelines.

Merdzan's voice is what carries her latest single along; with effortless guile, her vocal prowess mesmerises at every opportunity in front of a chill-wave shimmer of whooshing synth uplifts and indulgent slow-thwack beats. It is very eighties in a glittering, crescendo-building sense of proceedings as vocals ascend gracefully and sweetened instrumentals follow suit. Delicate in places, steadfast in others. Merdzan manages to strip back music to the very last sinew and construct a minimalist down-tempo pop song that is both striking, artistic and refreshingly simple.

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