09 May 2016


For a band this in the fledgling and developmental stages of their music craft, Area 52 are wonderfully adept and have sculpted a devilishly intriguing sound all to their own. The Reading based five piece of Rose, Max, George, Cat and Katie are lined up to appear at this year's Great Escape Festival and we are very pleased indeed.

"What Do You Want?" is an unashamedly angst fuelled slab of California bathed college rock that snarls through razored guitar slams and fuzzy riffs; tenacious drum beats bound forth with gusto ensuring each instrumental division is nudged unerringly together with a broad sense of cohesion. Paramore in places, Operator Please in others but still conforming to the Area 52 blueprint, this Reading band have managed to produce a boisterous pop-rock number through and through. Marrying together meaningful lyrics and vocal exasperations with a youthful dose of blasé attitude and guilty pleasure head-banging scuzz is just what the doctor ordered.

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