24 May 2016


OK, so this song is a good six months old but we have only just discovered it and we are compelled to give it a little review. Sydney resident BROADHURST has a veritable knack for creating superfluous pop entities and his release "Little Lover" has been sprinkled in Franco-centric electronica thanks in part to producer TEEMID.

An authoritarian drum beat is easily recognisable within the opening progression of this record, maintaining an overarching semblance of musical unison. Additional thudded beats and galactic key swirls stroke each body of softened vocals with complimentary fashion; those foundations ensure that TEEMID's digital malleability of "Little Lover" doesn't stray from the genius of BROADHURST's original but instead polishes it off with a shimmering cinematographic lacquer: haunting, profound, tranquil. This reworking showcases dulcite electronic pop between two differing artists that gels together nicely, turning it into a cohesive, emotively strung piece.

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