25 May 2016


We have another Sydney based artist here in the form of Commandeur, a soul-pop maestro whose gentle layering of sound and seamlessly orchestrated ideas effortlessly work together. The production duo of Daniel Noguera and Christian Gomez, known as Ardency, have decided to dabble with the soloist's original to produce something altogether more astrally in tune.

"Wasted" is a paradisiacal expanse of swooning synths and monumental reverb that drips a fluid soundscape across the prevailing three minutes of your life to enrich your ear canals with pristine electronic maneuvers. Sounding almost like Mmoths in places, The Sound Of Arrows in others, this celestial carpet ride into the stellar realms of lo-fi electronica and lucid slow-pop is in perfect equilibrium between multiple genres and production technique; there is a calming and wondrous transience with the whole affair that captivates from start to finish. "Wasted" is an exemplary marriage where the expertise of Commandeur and Ardency revels in a phantasmagorical wasteland of electro-pop elements.

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