24 May 2016


The star appears to be rising for Spanish producer DWYR of late as his salacious deep house tears up his residency at Madrid's famed Goya Social Club. Having boothed alongside the reputable likes of Alex Metric the latest slice of Iberian groove from the DJ utilises the hefty vocals of Nashville's Ashe to maximise effect.

Beginning with a cosmic array of bleeps and entrancing steps, "Already Gone" immediately paints a digital music landscape that cascades forward with the right dose of energy and audio input. Ashe's succinct vocal tones are deftly manipulated and elongated in places to give a sense of spatial freedom and contiguous atmospherics that mirror the introductory sequence. DWYR really comes into his element as harmonies ebb away in favour of rhapsodic Euro-house motions; slender, lionised and perfectly resonant, this anthemic summer track promises much from the established producer and showcases his abilities to conjure up another clubbing beast.

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