10 May 2016


Golden Vessel is the moniker used by Brisbane resident Max Byrne. His midnight noire-tronica excursions have given the producer a notable presence within his Australian market. In "Never Know", the second single from debut EP "Before Sleep" Byrne teams up with the eloquent sibling duo of LASTLINGS.

What initially strikes us about this latest cut is the sublime layering of instrumental elements; almost tentative and wary, bottled clinks and desolate synth whirlpools lackadaisically marry together to give a sense of creative openness within the introductory sequence. Feeling extremely organic in its construction, LASTLING's melodic vocals caress gentile keys and ushered riffs with a sense of fragility. Such celestial electro perfectly emphasises Golden Vessels' intricate sound detailing specialisms: hypnotic, dreamy, ruminating. By establishing an acoustic equilibrium "Never Know" maintains a swooning continuum celebrating these two artists' craftsmanship.

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