07 May 2016


If your debut release catches the attention of radio's Lauren Laverne then you know you are onto a winner already. Luckily for London's Grace Lightman, she has already honed her musicality into something that beggars belief considering how new to the industry she is.

Now we hate to use direct comparisons, but there is an unequivocal resemblance to Kate Bush; her grandiose harmonies, taut inflections and spatial cooing. Of course Grace sounds very much her own person, as her vocal abjectness trickles neatly across wallowing synth canvases; a celestial noise board of zorbing keys and thoughtful expanse. "Faultless" is an eighties neon-dipped ballad full of force and decadence. Each chorus vibrates with thudded energy and an overarching sense of retrospective whimsicality. Lightman captures the very essence of pop, R'n'B and electronica and delivers a track that impresses throughout.

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