10 May 2016


We first blogged about Australian music stalwarts Gypsy And The Cat several years ago when they captured our hearts with their unique skew on tropicana electro loops and glistening pop notions. It seems that despite the time that has elapsed, the band have not lost any of that genius and their newest release is the perfect example.

"I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else" is a hazy skip into a melancholic universe of midnight synth reverie and trumpeting bass line reverberations cuddling R'n'B notions tightly to crackled pop morsels. Heightened pitch and dual harmonies give an azure-tainted sense of uplift despite the sombre lyrical interjections making this track altogether conflicted in how it should be received. And rightly so. The sung words capture a fraught sense of human thinking and raw thought among a cascading string of choral fuzz and sweltering percussions. Gypsy And The Cat made us wait several years, and it was definitely worth it.

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