25 May 2016


Keeping it an entirely French affair, EVERYDAYZ have decided to remix the year old release of "On You" by fellow countryman and Montpellier resident Kazy Lambist by giving it a little added 'Je ne sais quoi'. Pouring goliath electronic surges and altering the genetics of the already impressive first incarnation has generated a splendid multi-genre sound journey.

Initially lulling you with falsehoods of woozy expeditions into the minimalist yonder amid glowing coos and whispered French, EVERYDAYZ quickly varnish the original structure of "On You" with a cacophony of enticing musical inputs. Switching to breezy English vocals at the drop of a hat, the introductory sequence moves forth with energetic drive as viscous reverberations, bass line flux, delicate lyrics, tinkered beats and hollowed digitalism concordantly dance together; the eventual crescendo is a cosmic voyage skipping between onyx electro outcrops and salubrious pop streams. Kazy Lambist and EVERYDAYZ have nurtured what can only be described as a beautiful piece of music that exudes each artist's style and production ethos.

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