09 May 2016


Kyla La Grange has done well for herself, especially so since 2014 album "Cut Your Teeth". Since then the phenomenal solo artist has been in the studio and perfected her sound even more. Traversing further into the electronic realms she has verged on previously is evident in her latest cut, "Hummingbird". 

La Grange states that Hummingbird is about "the different versions of yourself ~ trying to sit comfortably in your own skin". That introspective sentiment gives a greater understanding and interpretation to the track and all of this between vibrant tribal beats and lucid synthesised atmospherics. The whole affair is fantastically overt. Towering chords and La Grange's spectral vocals drift across the soundboard in silken nineties pop fashion. Ace of Base's "All That She Wants" springs to mind. Why? Who know's. "Hummingbird" is a well judged wander into the realms of electro-pop and we think Kyla La Grange is welcome there any time. 

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