08 May 2016


MarthaGunn are a five piece from Brighton who have already made a significant impact on the local music scene thanks in part to their individualistic sound that blends Americano folk-rock sensibilities with nostalgic seventies indie-pop. Debut jaunt "Heaven" fashions this sound further, giving us something to be very excited about.

MarthaGunn's assured sound belies the band's relative infancy, which only enthrals the listener further. "Heaven" is a coppery beast of fervent riffs and reverberations; steady at first but quickly channelling Abi Woodman's rousing vocals between snappy drum beats and warming percussive layers. A melange of Fleetwood Mac, Florence And The Machine and Those Dancing Days reconstructed into a contemporary indie-rock troupe. As "Heaven" progresses it gains an energetic vigour underpinned by solid lyrical delivery and hungry instrumentals, making it a powerful track indeed.

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