13 May 2016


Based between Australia and Berlin is quite a stretch for the purveyors of agitated digi-funk grooves. Having carved out a distinctive sound that sidles between tropical genre blends comes naturally to the five piece. Add the quintessentially vivacious tribulations of Finnish producer Roisto and you have an absolute banger.

Courtesy of Roisto and his Kitsuné pedigree, the renowned producer has managed to use the enigmatic house-funk exultations that typify the Parisian label, lacquering Parcel's original cut in a salubrious and buttery mix of discotheque summer soiree meets retrospective seventies camp. "Herefore" sidesteps between heightened synth pitches, chortling keys and a thumping injection of kinetic beat revelry. Coppery in places, fluid in others, Roisto has managed to take the precise characteristics of Parcel's original masterpiece and immersed it into a vat of noxious funk-infused Franco-centric grooves.

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