26 May 2016


Let us introduce you to London based singer/songwriter Sody, the moniker deftly used by Sophie Dyson, a prodigal pop-rocket of talented artistic nerve and gusto professionalism whose sauntered pop ditties fizzle with expressionism. Teaming up with Parlophone's Martin Luke Brown, their collaborative efforts have paid off handsomely with Sody's track "Sorry".

Displaying a mixture that is part tenacious R'n'B attitude, part effortless cool-pop, Dyson's implementation of music is nothing short of incredible. Her genius and the ability to work in tandem with producers Luke Brown and Phil Cook effectively demonstrates her assured knowledge of sounds and the direction she wants to head towards. "Sorry" is an emotively truncated slither of darkened pop, warbled synths and brooding beats that is youthfully compendious throughout. Sifting through the heartfelt baggage of that very word, sorry, and its associations Sody explores all angles without hesitation. This London starlet already has a knack for producing sublime pop with twinkling electro vibrations and soulful vocality and at only fifteen we are lost for words.

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