25 May 2016


Brand new all female debutants The Aces hail from Provo, Utah, a place you would not necessarily consider when we mention that these four sound remarkably like an American version of Fickle Friends with their own unique quirks and surf-pop applications. Cristal, Alisa, McKenna and Katie are set for good things and we are very excited indeed.

Their first excursion is a brilliant and solid thoroughfare of bronzed guitar riffs and gusto drum beats; appearing to swelter and skirt around with youthful verve, we have deduced that "Stuck" is a strident piece of music that details a particular issue involving the feeling of entrapment or a lack of direction. Conveying frustration and feminine guile is a potent culmination for any song and the amiable percussive antics that the girls demonstrate almost belies the less positive nature of the song. Quite some feat to pull off we think. Sunkissed instrumentals, infectious choruses and a splash of American determination ensures The Aces have produced a resonating beach-pop debut that is fun and memorable.

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